Ministry of Welcome and Hospitality

We are a welcoming community and the entire family of Wellingborough Catholic community are tasked with this ministry. Some people have a specific vocation to making others feel at home.

Our welcome and hospitality ministry currently serve the 10:30am Sunday Mass.We are hoping to develop this ministry at other Masses and would invite you to speak with Fr Paul or a member of the welcoming team.  Remember, you need to arrive early for Mass as part of this ministry!

Ministry of The Word

“In proclaiming the word of God, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ. God speaks to the assembly through them. The reader has responsibility for not simply reading the word, but assisting the assembly to hear the word.” (Liturgy Office of England and Wales)

Our team of trained readers are essential in assisting in the proclamation and understanding of God‘s Word. Our readers come from all parts of our community and play a vital role in the life of the prayer and sacramental life of the parish.


Children’s Liturgy

[In Masses with adults] it is necessary to take great care that the children present do not feel neglected because of their inability to participate or to understand what happens and what is proclaimed in the celebration. Sometimes, it will be appropriate to celebrate the liturgy of the word, including a homily, with the children in a separate, but not too distant, room. Then, before the eucharistic liturgy begins, the children are led to the place where the adults have meanwhile celebrated their own liturgy of the word.” Directory for Masses with Children

Our dedicated team of Children’s Liturgy leaders help children up to the age for preparation for First Holy Communion in breaking open the Word with them, helping them to recognise its themes in their own lives as well as the wider world. Children’s Liturgy takes place during the school year and all leaders have enhanced DBS checks for your peace of mind.

If you have a heart for helping children to grow closer in their relationship with Christ would like to join this team of leaders please do speak with Fr Paul, Mrs Cathy Knight or Mrs Anne Hollwey – one of our welcoming team will be able to introduce you.