What Is A Sacrament?

The Sacraments have a two-fold reality; visible and invisible. The visible reality is our outward expression of faith. This is evident through the liturgy, symbolism, tangible vessels and the way the Sacrament is recieved. The invisible reality is an act of faith. On reception of a Sacrament the reciever(s) are changed. The grace of God has redeemed them.



 In Confirmation a person “receives the strength of the Holy Spirit to witness to God’s love and might in word and deed. They are now a fully-fledged responsible member of the Church” – from the catechism of the Catholic Church.

The starting place for preparing for the important Sacrament of Confirmation is participation in the Sunday Mass. Candidates for our Parish Confirmation programme come from within the worshipping community, and a real desire to become disciples of Christ and full members of the Church should be evident.

Nowadays many of us live busy and complex lives, and many adults have been drawn away from the Sunday Mass – some even from faith itself. A young person’s decision to seek Confirmation may be a God-given opportunity to renew the family’s faith and practice, and become fully engaged as members of His Church once again.

In our parish, the Confirmation programme is centered on the 10:30 Mass at St Edmund’s Church, and a parent is expected to be present with the young person each week. The young people are involved in preparing and supporting the Sunday liturgy, while the bulk of the course is taught by the parents with support from our catechists. The study element is completed at home and there are also some small group meetings to explore matters of faith and discipleship.

Confirmation enquiry forms will be available after Mass at the back of both churches from the beginning of February 2022.

Please fill in a form, and we will get in touch with you soon. 

No enquiries to the Parish office please.

First Holy Communion

“Upon receiving Holy Communion, the Adorable Blood of Jesus Christ really flows in our veins and His Flesh is really blended with ours.”  St John Vianney 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that the Eucharist (Holy Communion) is the source and summit of the Christian life, so preparation to receive this for the first time is extremely important. This preparation takes place in the parish with the support of the parents. If you’re interested in preparing your child for this life-changing experience please do contact the parish office and we can let you know when the next series of preparation classes will take place.